Iganga - Uganda (East Africa)  


However, the above Projects are on small scale due to the meager resources to develop them further.                                              

Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministries was founded when God called David Kyakulaga in the apostolic ministry and spoke to him to build the church on the Apostolic & Prophetic Foundation and impart a ‘finishing’ mentality in the lives of the people to accomplish Gods’ purposes in the earth.

The ministry is dedicated to impact peoples’ lives with the kingdom of God by aligning each one of them to a Devine order and purpose so as to actualize their prophetic destiny and that through them, the miraculous events of God be manifested in the earth in different ways.

*We value our relationship with God and with one another

*We value real and enduring friendship. 

*We value discipleship; we engaging in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and building people to grow to the full stature of Christ. 

*The Process of dealing with offences 

*The integrity of our word (Mathew 5:37) 

*Confrontation of failures and make no excuses 

*Death to personal desires and motives 

*Our actions must be governed by the will of the Lord (the necessity of control in pursuing purpose) Acts 16:6-7 

*We refuse to engage in hypocrisy, destroying the Pharisee element

*Shared ownership, joint ownership and widening ownership of the Lord’s resource and vision

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