Iganga - Uganda (East Africa)  

Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministries is a faith based Non-Profit Organization whose main objective is to work hand in hand with other Christian Bodies in Uganda and the whole World to undertake the great commission as given by our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 28:18-20). Just as our Lord could do nothing on His own, except what was revealed to him by our heavenly father, we also can do nothing on our own.

The foundation of our work is therefore not our scheme or wisdom but the power, wisdom, word and spirit of our Lord.

We believe that God will help us to achieve the objectives of our organization for His own glory. We know that if we are one body of Christ, we can accomplish a lot.  

Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministries was founded when God called David Kyakulaga in the apostolic ministry and spoke to him  to build the church on the Apostolic & Prophetic Foundation and impart a ‘finishing’ mentality in the lives of the people to accomplish Gods’ purposes in the earth.

The Ministry begun as a church (Life Restoration Centre) under a rented mango tree which in Jan, 1999 where David Kyakulaga was senior pastor and being assisted by his wife Agnes

The ministry started to grow in grace and there was an increasing burden upon Pastor David to equip the saints for the work of the ministry in different places without being limited by denominational differences.

As the years went by, the ministry started to give birth to new churches being planted in different villages which were un reached, bound by high levels of sorcery, witch craft, Islamic influences and prostitution.

The pressure experienced when beginning churches in these villages was untold ranging from gun shots, stoning, spankings and all sorts of evils due to the unbelief of the people there.

Amidst all the unbecoming things above, today, Pastor David has become one of the most sought after persons because of the apostolic grace upon his life to restore the church in its true foundation and purpose and to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom which has opened people’s eyes to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.

*To build a many sided kingdom institution that has great impact over systems and other communities by expressing kingdom culture, standards and values. (Isaiah 2:2)


*To develop a centre of attraction of other different institutions and Governments into strategic alliances or agreements for solution delivery to mankind. 1kings 10:1-6


*To develop an empowered kingdom community that is able to effectively participate in the Global advance of the kingdom of God.


*To gather, develop and empower mankind in order cause great impact in the advancement of the purposes of God in the earth.


*To preach and express the Gospel of the Kingdom to the World in partnership with other institutions and ministers of like minds.


*To enhance the quality of life for all people by developing and establishing viable systems necessary in the empowerment of the community and to be authentic ambassadors of Christ in the earth.


*A ministry that will train ministers and help others to discover their talents and gifts of the Holy Spirit to edify the body of Christ.


*A ministry that will show Godly Love and care for the Destitute e.g. Orphans, Widows, and the Needy by establishing orphanage homes, schools, income generating projects, clinics etc.


*To raise an apostolic and prophetic team which will move to our branches and other churches to revive them and Pastor newly opened churches.


*A ministry which will help in upgrading the lives of people and the community at large and teaching the adults which are not educated in their local languages teaching them about health and sanitation, rehabilitating those who were street children addicted to drugs, counseling those who are HIV/AIDS victims as we believe God for their healing and deliverance. 



To have a multifaceted Kingdom institution that has great impact over systems and communities by expressing Kingdom culture, standards and values. (Impacting Nations with the Kingdom of God; Isaiah 2:2-4) 



To restore, gather, develop and empower people to their right positions in God and imparting in them the finishing mentality that they may be able to accomplish God's purposes on the earth. EPHESIANS 4:11-14




*Open air meetings, in door meetings, door to door, out reach programmes, film show, school visits

Church planting

*Beginning churches in places where we are led by the spirit

School of ministry

*Developing of leaders

Orphan and Needy out treach

*Shelter, education, clothing, feeding, medical care and spiritual and physical guidance

Devine Purpose Poverty Alleviation

*A village bank by the people

Divine Finish Welfare Programme

*Self help, personal lending and development

Divine Finish Education Centre

*Orphanage and Needy school

Empower Mercy Group

*Self help during loss of loved one

Divine Finish Insurance Programme

*Medical extension to the sick and accident victims

Divine Life Centre

*A simple clinic for emergency purposes

Divine Finish Carpentry Workshop

*Wood working, skills extension to the people

Divine Finish Aids Care

*Care for the people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS