Iganga - Uganda (East Africa)  


The Programmes are designed to empower members by mobilizing resources within the community;

Devine Welfare Program; Members save in inform of shares which facilitate the loan scheme to members with very minimal interest.

The above programme is up to help our members in a way of development. A member opens up an account to save in their money and the following benefits go to them: 

  • They are able to have enough savings which can be with drawn at any time to start a business.
  • A member can be issued a loan and returned with a very minimum interest.
  • Incase a member has a problem which is beyond the money she/he has on the account, the bank management can find a way to pass on extra money to that person until they recover from that problem and start paying in little lumps.
  • Members are given basic financial knowledge by our experts on how to use their money but we don't dictate on how you use your money.
  • We process Pass books which we issue to Account holders to enable them carry out their transactions well.
  • We have good well trained staff which takes care of all people coming to the micro bank.
  • We don't limit our banking services to only our church members but open to the general public.

The Following is the Managerial Staff of the above Program:

  1. Program Director - Pastor Kyakulaga David
  2. Loans Officer - Mr. Muwereza James
  3. Cashier - Mrs. Kyakulaga Agnes

Empower Mercy Group; Joint monthly contributions from members are put on a common bank account. This is used to cater for those who have lost loved ones and giving support to those whose hospital bills have gone beyond their ability and those involving serious accidents.


  • To enhance financial empowerment and standards of living for individual members within the church.
  • To design and establish economic systems and programs to support community welfare operations and set up financial institutions for economic development.
  • To create easy access of support to members in times of trouble.
  • To create a common think-tank in order to develop business ideas.


    One of the members gettng a loan from the bank project 



    People sitting and waiting to be served in the bank

Project II


It is an Organization initiated birthed to fight HIV/AIDS in and outside the church. The over-all goal of the Project is to improve treatment, Literacy, Awareness and Knowledge of treatment issues by women and families at grass root on HIV/AIDS and STDS' prevention.


  1. To promote increased awareness on HIV/AIDS and other STDS'
  2. To facilitate Life skills development to enable women and Orphans make informed choices that prevent HIV/AIDS
  3. To empower Womens' advocacy for increased access, knowledge awareness on the relationship between HIV/AIDS, T.B and SRHR. 


  • Community mobilization and sensitization
  • Life skills training of peer educators
  • Community based distribution of  contraceptives, menopause and ARVS' for prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS 

Project III


The above Organization was started in 2001 and worked as a church community project by the oversight of Miracle Finish Centre Church in the district of Iganga - Uganda. It exists to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups especially women, youth, children and orphans. 


  • To stimulate gender and promote mainstreaming in development programmes. 

  • To promote the rights of the woman and girl-child to be able to live in an environment where they feel protected and secure. 

  • To enhance financial empowerment and standards of living for individual members within the church. 

  • To develop women and girls spiritually, socially in areas of marriage and family planning. 

  • To empower womens' advocacy for increased access, knowledge awareness and the relation between HIV/AIDS,T.B AND SRHR to fight marginalization of a girl child in some culture denying them a sense of belonging in the family.


    Project IV


    Divine care for the orphans and the needy is a hand of love under the Apostolic and Prophetic Finish Ministry fully registered as a community based organization driven by a purpose to support vulnerable children, the needy, to share and enjoy opportunities in life predestined for them in Gods plan and enable them to exploit their potential i.e; Their gifts and talents by providing school fees, basic needs, medical services, moral values through God's word and parental love. 


    It was initiated by a group of 4 church volunteers namely; Ps. David and Agnes, Deacon James and Monica who shared the idea about vulnerability in the church and the entire external community in 2004 on a smaller scale and with a highly limited capacity. However this is how it was birthed as a combined force to redeem the destitute children and needy in our community. 


    Due to financial constraints, the Organization has been able to enroll Orphans and needy children and widows from Bulamagi Sub-county, Nakalama Sub-County and Ignga Town Council composed of boys and girls and we also support children in their home based extended family in collaboration with their parents / Guardians.


  • For the period we have lived in this area now 9 years so far we have observed and heard of children denied of enjoying their human rights, cases of children abuses have been reported to Local Authorities, Probation Offices and Police. 

  •  The Children have been defiled in families, schools and in the community. 

  •  The girls have been forced to get married at an early stage and this result into abortion, death during child birth and frustrations due to unplanned marriage. 

  •  Children have been denied access to Education and basic needs and consequently result to street life, prostitution. Robbery, drug abuse, etc this has unmeritably produced notorious, immoral citizens and unfulfilled Christian morals in our community. 

Project V


This is a group of single mothers who came together to see how they can move on with life to fulfill the purpose of God upon their lives and to see how they can face and solve the challenges before them; for example many of them were divorced and left with a burden of children so they have to look for ways to educate, feed and meet their daily needs and also to manage their own affairs (home requirements) /lives e.g renting houses, because most of them don't have that opportunity to own a house of their own. So they go through a very hard struggle in life.


Project VI




Because of the increasing number of school drop outs and other unemployed persons, we have been able to set a workshop to employ Christians who are lacking employment and we also use it as a way to preach the gospel to the non born-agains who come around looking for employment opportunities in carpentry. We conduct training in carpentry. Some of the products from the workshop include; Beds, Tables, Chairs, Cupboards, and timber for general use. The main challenge we have is tools to be used in training and working around the wood eg. Tool box. It is our prayer that God makes a way for us to acquire these tools.